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Autotalk -NZ Auto Industry News  - Dec-2016
Aussie Import the Long game; Blackwells Holden returns CHCH CPD; BMW Finance (AUS) fined $  ... Full Review   
Beaded Wheels  - Nov-2016
Issue 342: Beaut rare red 1964 Triumph Herald Coupe featured; Blenheim Mud Plug -Lorrain  ... Full Review   
NZ 4WD Magazine  - Sep-2016
Bryan Chang joins NZ4WD. Central Zone Club Truck Challange5; Preview Drive of Jeep range W  ... Full Review   
Beaded Wheels  - Sep-2016
Issue #341 Alvis 25SD 2 seater 1937 Birkin like replica behind the wheel & restoration; B  ... Full Review   
NZ Trucking including Truck Trader  - Aug-2016
Dutch in Canada; Freighliner Corondo Short nose 6x 4 with B -Train; Kenworth T359A Allied   ... Full Review   

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You may be an individual wanting to

  • research a vehicle before its purchase
  • examine how a car was restored as you are about to restore a similar one
  • want to know how to maintain your car
  • want information about modifying your car
  • you may drive a rare car and want to know who else has one world wide 
  • know if your car featured as road test car 
  • know if your car had a competitive history
  • find our who built your car if it was a special

Or you may be a library service wanting to provide information  to others

This site means you no longer need to waste time looking for that elusive article when someone has taken the time to do it for you.
Press Release - The site is to close 

Carmagreviews Website is closing down

Carmagreviews is to close from Feb 1 2017- After 10 years in operation and over 1350 mostly NZ Automotive magazine summaries and reviews. With great sadness I have chosen  to close due in part to time and my health concerns but mainly due to the lack of financial support by the very publications whom I have freely promoted on the site ; I was unsuccessful from day one in getting them to understand the basic fundamentals of the site or the wider long term picture!

Volunteer Work available 
Looking for Volunteer Motoring Journalists To help me review contents of Magazines ? This would be ideal for a Student and if you prove Excellent I will give you a reference also A Student who knows their way around Social Media would help 

New Service 
For those of you in process of importing a Classic Car into New Zealand or else where and the need to gain document proof from a magazine that you car is rare in terms of number produced or number that survive I offer a service of $30.00 NZ per hour for Kiwis and elsewhere $30.00 USA per hour to provide references from a magazine that prove your car is what it is 

Background & Importance to the this new Service - 

For 42 years of my 54 years on this earth I have compiling a very detailed car index to many of the worlds Car magazines from publication date 1947-2001 to over 35 different publications but mainly from those of the UK and New Zealand  

Over the the last 10 years the emphasisis is on on Vintage & Classic - and in the course of my research (and Note its always on going)  I have  now got to the stage where I can provide past history of some of the more  interesting and rare vintage Cars world wide of where they have been and in some cases a detailed ownership and restoration history up to 2001 this is important information to investors collectors a known history improves the value of the vehicle and who else had one 

Many countries have destroyed paper registration details in course of going computerised and more centralised ; original Registration plates are freely traded (a terrible practice - Not a fan)  which also makes it difficult to track where cars are and lastly the draconian privacy laws regarding ownership - Here in New Zealand even the first owner of 1957 MGA is now removed from an on-line registration of a document (Struth guys..thats a bit over the top I can understand last 5-10 years for privacy concerns  but the first owner. NUTS..) 

In Addition some magazines have really gone even more 'PC' by blanking out registration plates of period photos for example the near stock production cars that raced in the Benson n Hedges series here in NZ in 1972!! or when they cover a latest restoration blank out or use the magazine logo on reg plate - I really pity the motoring historians that come after me its going to make life extremely difficult 

With myself as I taken notes from material from a magazine that was published years ago before the Privacy act - The fact magazin